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Sujet de baccalauréat session 2005, séries technologiques, LV1 (Pondichéry)

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Le sujet

Baccalauréat Technologique - Session 2005
ANGLAIS LV 1 - Séries STT, SMS, STL et STI (CG - IG)
Langue renforcée STT (ACC - ACA)

(Durée 2 heures - Coefficient 2)
Compréhension - 24 points
Expression - 16 points
Thirty or so years after he arrived in London. Chanu decided that it was time to see the sights. "All I saw was the Houses of Parliament. And that was in 1979." It was a project. Much equipment was needed. Preparations were made. Chanu bought a pair of shorts. He tried them on and filled the numerous pockets with a compass, guide-book, binoculars, bottled water, maps and two types of disposable camera [...]. He bought a base-ball cap and wore it around the flat with the visor turned round to the back of his head. A money belt secured the shorts and prevented them from reaching his ankles. He made a list of tourist attractions [...]. The girls would enjoy themselves [...]

On a hot Saturday morning towards the end of July the planning came to fruition. "I've spent more than half my live here, " said Chanu, "but l hardly left these few streets [...]. All this time I have been struggling and struggling, and I barely had time to lift my head and look around." They sat at the front of the bus, on the top deck.

Chanu shared the seat with Nazneen, and Shahana and Bibi sat across the aisle. Nazneen tucked her feet beneath the seat to make way for the two plastic bags that contained their picnic, "You'll stink the bus out," Shahana had said. "I'm not sitting with you." But she had not moved away.

"It's like this," Chanu said, "when you have all the time in the world to see something, you don't bother to see it. Now that we are going home, I have become a tourist." He pulled his sunglasses from his forehead onto his nose. They were part of the new equipment [...].

Chanu began to hum. He danced with his head which wobbled from side to side [...].

Nazneen decided she would make this day unlike any other. She would not allow this day to disappoint him.

The conductor came to collect fares [...]. " Two at one pound, and two children please," said Chanu. He received his tickets, "Sightseeing," he announced, "family holiday."

"Right," said the conductor. He jingled his bag, looking for change [...].

"Can you tell me something? To your mind does the British Museum rate more highly than the National Gallery? Or would you recommend gallery over museum?"

The conductor stared hard at Chanu, as if considering whether to eject him from the bus.

"In my rating system," explained Chanu, "they are neck and neck. It would be good to take an opinion from a local."

"Where've you come from, mate?"

"Oh, just two blocks behind," said Chanu. "But this is the first holiday for twenty or thirty years."

Adapted from Brick Lane, Monica Ali, 2003

Note d'information aux candidats :

Les candidats traiteront le sujet sur la copie qui leur sera fournie en respectant l'ordre des questions et en faisant apparaître la numérotation (numéro et lettre repère, le cas échéant, ex 9b).
Ils composeront des phrases complètes à chaque fois qu'il leur est demandé de rédiger les réponses. Les citations seront précédées de la mention de la ligne.


A) Complete the following summary with words from the text.

When Chanu's family decided to leave England in the early 2000s, he wanted to take them to see (1) ... in London. They went on a (2) ... with a (3) ... lunch. As he bought the bus (4) ... he asked the (5) ... which tourist attraction to visit. The man asked him where he was from and Chanu admitted he actually lived in (6) ... .

B) Choose the one best answer for the following multiple choice questions.

1. Chanu is

a) an immigrant to England.

b) the driver of a London bus.

c) a tourist just arrived in London.

d) a native inhabitant of England.


2. Apparently, Chanu wants to visit London because

a) he has lived there for years and never visited it.

b) he has just arrived in London and wants to visit it.

c) his family knows the city, but he doesn't.

d) he wants to meet real Londoners.

3. The best title for this text is

a) Leaving London.

b) London by Night.

c) A Day Out in London.

d) An Unpleasant Conductor.


A) Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong. Justify your answer by quoting from the text. Give the line numbers.

1. Chanu carries his new equipment in a bag.

2. Chanu has visited many tourist attractions.

3. Shahana is not in a good mood.

4. Chanu is enjoying himself.

5. The family is taking the bus to visit London.

6. Chanu thinks it's better to visit the British Museum than the National Gallery.

7. The conductor orders Chanu to leave the bus.

8. Chanu's family doesn't live far from the bus stop.

B) For each character, choose and write the two adjectives which best describe him / her.

1) Chanu

2) Nazneen

3) The conductor











C) The following statements are right : justify them by quoting from the text. Give the line number.

1) Chanu is probably over 60 years old. (Give two separate quotations.)

2) Chanu would like to ask a Londoner's viewpoint.

3) Nazneen wanted to please Chanu.

D) Match the following words from the text with their synonyms.

 1) struggling (l. 10) a) inhabitant from the neighbourhood
 2) bother (l. 15) b) sing softly
 3) hum (l. 18) c) evaluation
 4) fares (l. 21) d) ticket money
 5) rating (l. 27) e) working hard
 6) local (l. 28) f) make an effort


Write the TWO essays (and give the number of words).

1. In your future life, would you give priority to free time or making money? Justify. (80 words)

2. Would you be ready, if necessary, to go and work in another country. Give your reasons. (120 words)


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