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chanson : The Roving Gambler

mis à jour le 05/10/2016


Une chanson interprétée par Claude Vollaire, libre de droits pour utilisation en classe.

mots clés : chanson, vollaire, musique, roving gambler - CC0 Public DomainTHE ROVING GAMBLER


"A long time favourite song of hoboes, hard guys, and men of the roads, this is a travel worn American cousin of the British Roving Journeyman. Variants in which the journeyman has become a soldier, a guerrilla fighter, or a gambler have been found throughout the South and southern Middlewest. The song has been spread through numerous recorded versions."

Alan Lomax - The Penguin Book of American Folk Songs



1. I am a roving gambler,

I’ve gambled all around,

Whenever I see a deck of cards

I lay my money down (3 times)


2. I had not been in New York Town

Many more weeks than three,

Till I fell in love with a pretty little gal,

And she fell in love with me (3 times)


3. She took me in her parlour

And she cooled me with her fan,

And she whispered low in her mother’s ear,

I love that gamblin’ man.’ (3 times)

4, ‘O daughter, dear daughter

How can you treat me so,

To leave your dear old mother,

And with a gambler go?’ (3 times)


5. ‘O Mother, dear Mother,

You know I love you well,

But the love I have for the gamblin’ man,

No human tongue can tell (3 times)


6. ‘I wouldn’t marry a farmer,

For he’s always in the rain,

All I want is the gamblin’ man

Who wears the big gold chain (3 times)


7, ‘I hear the train a-comin’,

A-comin’ round the curve,

A-whistlin’ and a-strainin’

A-strainin’ every nerve.’ (3 times)


8. ‘O Mother, dear Mother,

I’ll tell you if I can,

If you ever see me comin’ back

I’ll be with the gamblin’ man. (3 times)


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